Delight and Wisdom…

Do you share Robert Frost’s belief that “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom…it runs a course of lucky events, and ends in a clarification of life.” “The Figure a Poem Makes” (250-251)? If possible try to explain in your own words what you understand by this statement. Can you give an example of poem you have read that does just this?

Poetry is described just as the way Robert Frost. “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.. it runs a course of lucky events and ends in a clarification of life”. This particular quote in his essay is saying that a poem is like a short story that begins with a line or stanza that catches the readers eyes, hooking them in to read more. As a poem progresses, it runs a course of events that are quite positive for the “protagonist” or the person the poet writes in the perspective of and ends with a valuable life lesson. Morality is something that is quite common at the end of poetry, where it relates to the theme/topic of the poem, to teach the audience a lesson.

An example of this is Destined to Fly, written by Ashley Hyder. The poem does start off with something that catches the readers eyes. The one thing I found with this when I first read the poem was it was going to be about one topic, but then realised it had a complete twist. The poem, however, does not run a course of positive events, but it does end with a life lesson or morality that can be thoroughly analysed. I personally really enjoyed reading this poem and once I read this particular quote from Frost’s essay, it made me remember this poem in particular due to the format the poem has been written in. I have put the poem Destined to Fly underneath for you all to read. Enjoy!

Destined to Fly

I remember the day we met
Too young to see the danger
I didn’t know the devil you were
That you’d fill me with so much anger

At first you gave me comfort
Numbed me from the pain
But the light you gave me faded
Brought blackness to my veins

Your trap worked as always
I am not the only one to fall
So many friends forever gone now
No one’s left to call

Dragged me to rock bottom
Each day a life in hell anew
Felt there was no possibility
Of breaking this dependence on you

Every day I woke
With only you on my mind
Desperate for your love
More desperate for you to die

Through time I saw you were evil
I watched you steal my soul
Each time I tried to get away
You would not let me go

Tried to scream and cry
Eventually accepted my fate
Everyone had tried to warn me
And now it was too late

Family and friends could never understand
Couldn’t hear my silent plea
They did not want to see
The sick effect you had on me

You locked me in a cell
You made me freeze at night
Made me deceive those I loved
Made me live in constant fright

Left broken, battered, and bruised
My number of scars grew
Both physical and mental
While the number of wasted years flew

Went through the motions like a zombie
No longer did I see
Any type of future
In this world for me

You erased any shred of hope
When everyone turned their backs
Difficult to escape this dark hole and cope
Impossible to defend against your attacks

I knew no church, no God
YOU, my ultimate power
No way to know real love
I was now a rotted, dead flower

Then one day it happened
Most amazing hope one moment brings
And I decided then and there
That I would grow my wings

No longer will you take from me
Like you have stolen all these years
You will never take my life
No longer will I cry these tears

I will deal with the pain
I will swallow all my pride
I will deal with my life of rubble
I’m prepared for this difficult ride

If it kills me to leave you
Then I will gladly die
Because with you I’m only surviving
And I have been destined to fly

I will soar, laugh, and smile
Will breathe my life once more
I will go back to a time
Before you came knocking at my door



4 thoughts on “Delight and Wisdom…

  1. ngaireale1 says:

    Hi Joshua,

    I also share the same belief as Frost as I also believe that poems begins in delight and ends in wisdoms. Frosts main argument is that each poem should be unique enough to be distinguished from one another, and that they should not only be made in order to entertain the readers but to give them wisdom—that poems should “begin in delight and end in wisdom”. The poem ‘ ‘Destined to fly underneath’ I believe starts in delight and ends in wisdoms too, good choice!

    My only suggestion for you would to maybe include a image to give your work a sense of imagery .

    Keep up the good work ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. annalieseferraro98 says:

    Hey Josh!,
    Firstly, I would like to say what a critical but also creative vibe your blog post has. I really like the fact that in the beginning line you have defined what the quote, “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom… it runs a course of lucky events and ends in the clarification of life.”

    You have defined both the transparent and opaque meanings which you can identify from Robert Frost’s quote which allows your readers to have more context and comprehension of Frost’s meaning behind his words. The fact that you were emotionally reminded of such words in ‘Destined to Fly’, revealed your own connection and understanding as well as triggers of going forth with one idea and being completely encompassed with another.

    All in all, a great post, however, the addition of an image depicting Frost’s meaning would have been the icing on the cake. As well as, the placement of the first stanza of ‘Destined to Fly’ doesn’t link up with the rest!

    – Annaliese

    Liked by 1 person

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