Entry #7

This week’s community engagement placement was more quiet and not as intense as other weeks. While the mainstream side of the school had exams for year 11 students, there were less classes as normal. So for this week, we were still working with the year 12 students, however we were also helping those in the year 11 trade classes with their assessments that are due either this week or the next coming weeks. When I first walked into the trade, catholic studies class, it brought a different atmosphere, compared to the Non-ATAR senior high school classes that I am used to for the past few weeks. The Catholic studies class was focusing on an assessment that was due next week. I was assisting a few of the students and they were happy to get help from either myself or the other learning support staff.

It seemed like these students appreciated the help that they got from us, which did bring a sense of enjoyment to educating others. These students by the looks of it, don’t get help because they are either to shy to ask for it, or the teacher doesn’t really help them at all, when they try to. Either way, it does seem that with the help from both myself and the other learning support staff, it encourages them to be able to do their best in the work they are doing, knowing that if they get stuck , they can ask for help and get it. After talking to their teacher after the class has done, she had told me that thats the most work some of the students have ever gotten done, which means that the assistance we gave these students, benefitted their education.



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