Entry #6

For this entry, I want to focus on the technology policy the school that I am doing community engagement placement has in place. Their policy is known as the ‘bring your own device’. This policy allows the student to bring in their own personal laptop/tablet to complete their work on. If they however forget to bring in their device, they still do have the opportunity to borrow one from either the learning support or the library. Most of their work is done through their devices, rather than having to write in note books.

One worry that I had when I first heard about this particular policy was that the students would be more distracted, rather than completing their classwork. However, as I learned over the past few weeks, the teachers are able to monitor the student’s work, by using ‘Google Classroom’. Google Classroom is a teaching tool, that allows the teachers to send their students, both the classwork and assignments for that subject, and can monitor them and comment on their work, as this tool incorporates Google Docs and other Google documentation.

To me, I thought this was initially a ridiculous policy, but as I learned more and more information about it and how it works, I now believe that it is a great idea. For the students to be able to use their own devices, rather than having to use ones provided by the school, they feel more comfortable and gives them a sense of responsibility. With a look into Google Classroom as well, I believe it is a great idea, that allows the teachers to be able to monitor and comment on the students work, over time, and get their feedback instantly, rather than having to wait for another day for the student to receive feedback.


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