Entry #5

While working at my community engagement placement, I have run into a bit of a complication. For the past few weeks, I have been working on a student, completing an outstanding assessment from last year. While I have been working on it with the student on the day that I am at this placement, there have been other teachers throughout the week that are helping him. The student has been getting closer to completing this outstanding assessment that should’ve been completed sometime last year. However, I found it quite frustrating, where the other teachers have left a certain section of the assessment for me to do, while advancing onto something else, rather than trying to assist the student in completing this section of the task. Another thing that was annoying was that the question was really vague, without much detail at all.

I tackled this problem by asking the supervising teacher if she can clarify with the student’s class teacher what exact detail was needed to complete this part of the assessment. While that was happening, I decided to skip that question for now and worked on the rest of the assessment. As ridiculous as it sounds, what really should’ve been done was the other teachers that work with this student, should try and assist with this question, rather than leaving post it notes, leaving it for me to work with the student, assuming that I would know what to do because I did complete this subject in high school myself.


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