To Agree… Or not Agree

Write whether you agree or disagree with the last paragraph in this blog: 

“This play, while mocking deeply at the tribal customs of the late Victorians, has, at its heart, a wish to point the human race in the right direction: away from fraud, hypocrisy and such indecent preoccupation with material realities.”

As semester comes to an end, I am slowly coming closer to the end of my 19th century literature journey. We come to the late victorian age, with our host, Mr. Oscar Wilde. We are presented with the play, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, a comedy that comments on the economic class, their language and their attitudes.

I will however be focusing on the quote that my lecturer, Prof. Michael Griffith. The quote he has given us, asks for our opinion whether we agree or disagree to what it is saying about this play. Personally, I do agree with this statement. The play makes a mockery of the upper class society, using relationships as the key element, to comment on the language and attitudes of this particular economic status. Wilde has also made a mockery marriage and relationships, by using some of the characters to fall in love with someone, purely based on their name.

I also personally believe that, Wilde is also using this play in an attempt to point the human race in a direction, where we are not being so much controlled by materialistic things. We have been consumed by the idea of being better than those around us, and we do that by using our own profession as a tool to the social competition. The mockery of everyday life, can be an eye-opener to those who view or even read his play, as it does make us realise, how ridiculous is the life we live in.



4 thoughts on “To Agree… Or not Agree

  1. felicitymcmanus says:

    Hi Joshua,
    I definitely agree with your blog and your sentiments that Wilde is certainly using the play to make fun of the upper class, their materialism and shallowness. I also think that you make a good point regarding that maybe Wilde is also trying to guide his readers away from the consumerism that concerns people of both the 19th and 21st centuries. You write very clearly with intent and state your views outright, it makes your blogs very easy to read 🙂 Well done!

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  2. amandavazz says:

    Hi Joshua,
    I really found your blog this week interisting and very much supportive of the way Wilde makes fun of the upper class and how consumerism is consuming. I really found interesting your paragraph on relationships and how a name can mean more than money. The idea of marriage buying someone status is really a mockery of love and education. But unfortunatley it is something that is still occuring today! I think overall the ideas you have presented are really focused on Wildes writing and the way it focuses on the shallowness of consumeristic society.

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