Peer Review #8

Hi Victoria,

I really liked your blog post on Leo Tolstoy. I found it quite useful to adapt to my own understanding of Tolstoy’s texts that were used in both the lecture and tutorials. I enjoyed the way that you had two different ideas, and focused each idea on a different story. I do agree with the point you made about Ivan’s obsession with the wrong things (such as his own wealth and his occupation) when he should show his love to his wife. I believe that the reason why his wife didn’t really care about his slow and painful death, is because Ivan was focusing on the wrong things in life. The one thing i found interesting that you wrote was “It is in social or economic gain that Tolstoy suggests we begin to lose our soul” and i do agree with it. We are so much consumed with things that we believe are important to us, that we actually tend to forget what is truly important to us, and once we realise this, it is sometimes too late.

Your analysis of the other story is just as great as your analysis of ‘Death of Ivan Illych.” I really liked how your gave a quick summary of the story, which can be useful for both those who haven’t read the story and a key study guide. I also found it quite interesting with the way you carried out the paragraph, and how you lead it from the very first word to the last word.

Overall, I couldn’t see any faults in your post. Great work



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