Entry #4

I do apologise with all these entries, being posted so close to each other, but I have however been taking notes and writing drafts for each and every one of these entries, and have only had the time to be able complete these entries fully.

This particular post, I am writing about the program as a whole that the school I am doing my community engagement placement at. The program allows the students to be able to feel like they are part of the school. All of their classes are non-ATAR classes, or what they call “life skills” classes. These subjects include Hospitality & retail. These students are mainly in these classes, which allows them to feel like they aren’t isolated from the rest of the school just because they have a learning disability. However, theres only one class where they are all together, learning basic maths (times tables, patterns etc.) The maths that the learning support teaches these students, are at the level they are able to understand (year 2 or year 3 level). While I am helping a student out with his outstanding assessment, I observe the maths class and can see that these students are confident in what they are learning, which boosts their confidence.

While these students are different from the rest of their peers, due to their learning disabilities, they are still part of the school community.


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