Entry #3

During Community engagement, we are put into classrooms, where we would work one on one with the student. While we are in there, we are able to observe the way teachers approach their students. While most of them are great when approaching the students, I found one approach by a teacher appalling. It was a retail class, and the students were setting up their e-portfolio, benefitting themselves for when they go out into the workplace. The students had to demonstrate safe workplace handling and manual lifting, by taking photos of themselves. The teacher was praising the students for their work, once their photos were taken as the students will show the teacher their work, before they put them into their portfolio. But there was one group however that wasn’t really getting the same type of treatment the teacher gave to the others.

This group of girls were trying their hardest to take these photos correctly and every time they showed the classroom teacher their work, she would send them back to re take the photos without actually telling them what was wrong with the photos, so really they were shot point blank, without any idea what they have done wrong. It was getting to the point where the teacher would start putting the girls down, not in a directive manner. As frustrated as the girls were, the teacher made their situation worse, by saying to one of the girls “look at what your doing to this poor girl , your practically torturing her”. This does demonstrate the wrong way to be approaching your students, as it can affect them both socially and their self-confidence.

This really angered my when I was exposed to this type of behaviour from the teacher because, what she should be doing instead, is actually telling them what they were doing wrong, rather than putting them down. To me, this really frustrated me because, I realised that when i first entered this classroom, the class wasn’t effectively listening to what the teacher was saying, which I could now see why the students were behaving like they were. It is important that you help the students out to a certain degree, where your not actually giving the answers to everything. Even a small hint, can benefit the child’s learning.


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