Peer Review #7

Hi Danielle,

Wow! Just wow!! I loved this blog post because it was something I did not see coming. When I first read the question on this post, I thought you would be talking about something that is materialistic like Silas Marner’s case would be gold. But this blew me away, the fact that you spoke about pride being the one thing that you valued the most and how it was destroyed by your ego. I really loved the story your brought into this post because like others have already said, it does relate to us. I know personally my pride has been destroyed by my ego, so I can also relate to this story. The post really flowed through and kept that same motion throughout the whole story.

Honestly, I couldn’t really see any flaws in the post. Only thing I would say, is that I would’ve added more to your last paragraph. I would’ve liked if you adapted more on how the events have affected your pride.

Other than that, great work!



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