Entry #2

I have found quite a vast array of different things that occur in the classroom. With the classwork with the kids I work with, I found that their work is different to the rest of the class at times. What I found is that the teachers that work in the learning support, converse with the child’s classroom teacher, so they can try and find work that is engaging for them and are able to complete at their level. This idea is quite effective because it allows the student to have confidence the class they are in, which encourages them to come to class. The kids love working with teachers from learning support, because it gives them that comfort that they will definitely get help when needed in class. The only thing I am concerned about is the social side to the way they are being taught in class. While having that one on one in the classroom is great, they are not really socialising with other students in the class. I am not sure if its because one of us is there (by that I don’t only mean myself, but also one of the learning support teachers) and they are not really allowed to talk to other students, or is it that the students don’t want to associate with them. No matter the case, I feel that this is effecting them socially in a bad way, which is going to effect them later in life. Even though they are socialising with other students in learning support during their lunch breaks, they aren’t always in the same classes, which then gives them no one to talk to.


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