By the time you read this…..

You are stuck in a snow storm (or a sand storm), or you are lost in the bush. Describe your last moments. How will you react?

To whoever it concerns,

By the time you read this, I would have already passed on to the next world, in which my new life and dreams begin. I couldn’t withstand the cold, my body was unable to adapt to the freezing depths of hell. Apart from the usual icicles forming from my nostrils, my body started to shut down, losing control in every muscle in my body.

First it was the legs. Oh how difficult it was to try and move my all of sudden, flesh tree stumps through the vigorous white blanket of death. My intention was to get to the security of the trees so it would be possible rest up against it, rather than just laying in the middle of whatever I was in. Then, it was torso. I was clearly unable to move from the upright position, though I struggled with whatever my mind wanted.  Where I am, with my back against the hollowness of the dead tree; I was paralysed by the harshness of this world! I can not adjust my body accordingly but my mind is running in endless circles. Oh how uncomfortable it was. By the time I finish writing my final plead, my arms will fail my mind. It is already starting to become to the point, where writing is slowly getting more and more difficult.

My only regret is that I could’ve lived life more freely without the restrictions of my peers. I wish that I didn’t become so uptight with life. I envy those who were able to escape the regimated lives that we now have to undergo to survive. All I can do right now is just sit here, and accept my endless fate. For now I am useless, as much as you think this is more of a suicide; a cowardly end for a cowardly man. It is not. I have come to terms that I didn’t live a pleasant life and I warn you, my dear reader, to evaluate the life choices you have made, and change accordingly, to ensure that you don’t live a life of misery and regret like I am now.

Farewell world, I wish my time wasn’t up yet…..



3 thoughts on “By the time you read this…..

  1. ellenacelima says:

    Dear Joshua,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I think you have a beautiful writing style that evoked a chilling sensation. The second paragraph was my favourite as you express those moments of panic and urgency very clearly. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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