Studying Silas Marner

Find a number of web resources for Silas Marner that help to give a sense of the wider context of this novel.

George Elliot’s “Silas Marner” is quite an exquisite novel. Coming from experience, I have had difficulty trying to get a grasp on the context with certain books. I found that trying to get a grasp on the context of a novel helps me understand the texts I have been reading. That’s why for this week’s blog post, I have found a number of web sources that I believe should help others get a sense of the wider context of “Silas Marner”

Web Source 1 – Sparknotes

The first source I have found is probably more of a common one used by any student studying literature. Spark notes not only gives you an analysis of the context but it also gives a context of the characters and the chapters of the book. Spark notes has been used as a study guide, to help students get a grasp on major key themes and motifs in a novel.

Web source 2 – Cliffsnotes

Cliffsnotes is another source, which is great for studying the context of a novel. Much like sparknotes, I found that Cliffsnotes has more context in terms of background information. With this book in particular, Cliffsnotes has more information in terms of the characters context, focusing in not only the main characters, but also other important characters also.

Both of these sources can be used to study the context of a book. These two sources however can be used as a starting point, into researching the wider context of a novel, hitch includes background information about the time the book was based on.


2 thoughts on “Studying Silas Marner

  1. httpcharleslilienthal says:

    Hey Josh mate, simple and straightforward post. Definetely can’t argue with sparknotes being a very valuable tool for the literature student haha, same for cliff notes. You outline both website’s purposes and features fairly well, it’s probably for the best that you didn’t add any obscure sites as they may fly over the head of your readers (due to long or strange naming) and their reliability might be more questioned. Also, other than a small grammatical mistake of picking “sounded” over “selected”at the beginning somewhere I think you’re all good.


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