Entry #1

This week’s community engagement placement at  was more all over the place. Throughout the whole day, students were getting vaccinations, along with other interruptions throughout the day. But besides that, I was still able to get something out of my placement. For the first class, I got to sit in, there wasn’t really any help needed, where the class was going through the book they have just started reading this term. However, the teacher was able to get not only myself but other education students from ACU, a chance to interact with the class to an extent, reading a section each from the book they are studying. Although this does not give the experience of proper teaching, this does, however, made me realise, that due to becoming both an English and history teacher, there will be a lot of class reading involved, which is what I am prepared for.

Most of the time I was there this week consisted with one on one help with school work with the students, more or less like tutoring. The ‘tutoring’ session involves helping the students who have a study period, to come in and work on either outstanding assessments, or completing upcoming assessments that are due. I was helping a student complete an Information Technology assignment that was outstanding. Being an advantage that I completed this course myself, I did have trouble trying to help him complete the assessment as some aspects of the course have changed since I graduated from school. Because I did not know some parts to help the student, I ended up doing some research while working with the student, in order to help them. This has allowed me to realise that it is ok for teachers to not know everything about the course they are teaching and it is actually ok to be able to look something up to not only benefit yourself for future classes but also benefits the student.


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