Peer Review #5

Hey Riley,

I really enjoyed your entry for this week, and I do agree with the points you have raised in regards to “The Scholar Gypsy”. I did find that the whole poem explores the ideas of fulfilling life in a much more simplistic way, rather than having to use materialistic things to make us feel the sense of enjoyment. I actually quite enjoyed the fact that you have said that the poet has written this to send a message to the intended audience that society should not be consumed in this so called ‘modern’ way of society and we also shouldn’t lose grasp on the essence of nature. The comparison you have identified in the chosen stanza does show the speaker’s guilt towards the scholar gypsy as the speaker does wish that they had a life similar to the scholar gypsy’s.

The only thing i picked up from reading your post is in your last paragraph, I think the word “emphases” should be replaced with “emphasises”. Other than that, it was a really enjoyable post.


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