My Dear Friends….

You are the scholar gypsy. Explain to your friends why you have decided to run away from conventional education.

My dear friends…

You’re all probably wondering why I have decided to escape from the ways of the industrial life. Living on this earth for many years has allowed me to realise how much freedom we used to have before we got so caught up in materialistic things. We live in a world where we are consumed with work and stress, living life full of misery and despair. We are part of a society that consumes themselves with being busy and wasting time, that we don’t allocate time to ourselves to just free ourselves from our daily routine. We are now part of a world that is constantly revolutionising in technology, that we are now constantly forgetting what is around us. I decided to isolate myself from modern society because it is basically destroying our way of life.

You may not be able to see it, because it is now the way of life, and the way I am living can be seen as somewhat bizarre. We have somewhat “revolutionised” into a more complex species, where we are creating different types of machinery to make our lives more easier. But it doesn’t stop there. We are starting to become a society where it’s all about competition, trying to be better than the fellow man in a capitalistic society. With the life I am currently living, you can see it as some sort of mortality because, I have escaped from this world, and entered a world full of peace, where I have actually found my own identity.

My dear friends, I encourage you, come and free yourself from the disease of modern life, or you’ll be contaminated with living in a capitalistic world. Once you escape from the wretched, you will be able to find your true identity and meaning of life…. you will live a life you wish you have truly lived.


3 thoughts on “My Dear Friends….

  1. Annabelle says:

    Hey Joshua!
    I really enjoyed your blog this week. Firstly, your choice of writing in letter format was easily communicated! So much so that I did not even have to read your posted question above to understand the structure of your blog. Well done in that setting.
    You communicate a clear image of the working life compared to the new, “revolutionised” life showing your understanding of the text in class. Your approach to this week’s blog topic was a delight to read. I particularly admire the opening and closing of your letter with “my dear friends”, not only is this a personal touch, but it also allows the reader to allude back to the start of the letter once they read the end which takes their mind from where you have gone compared to where they still are. This was quite impacting to read and a well though-out post. Amazing job! You should be proud.

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  2. jesseshakespeare says:


    Awesome blog I really enjoyed reading it. I think you answered the question really well and you were consistent throughout your entire writing. You had great sentence structure and it flowed really nicely. I like how you really encaptured the essence of the scholar gypsy by making references to things such as capitalism or industrialism, that shows you really engaged with the text and that you understood it well. It also makes the message allot more realistic. My favourite part of the blog was undoubtedly the ending,

    “My dear friends, I encourage you, come and free yourself from the disease of modern life, or you’ll be contaminated with living in a capitalistic world.”

    This is one of the best sentences I have read all semester, it is genuine, descriptive and just awesome to read as it is so realistic in relation to the question. I like how you refer to modern society as a “disease” and then go on to use the word “contaminated” in regards to capitalism, that was a clever play on words.

    If I could give you one peace of advice, try not to repeat your self too much. Its very hard not to but its a good habit because it produces a really polished final product, I noticed you started allot of sentences with “we” but then again I guess thats a great form of repetition. Just something to be wary of I guess.

    All up, great blog, you did an awesome job 🙂



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