Peer Review #4

Hi Suzanne,

I really enjoyed this post, having your own interpretation on the art gallery visit that Prof. Michael Griffith took us all on. I really enjoyed your idea on how women were depicted in the different artworks that we were shown and went into depth a bit more, using the historical context of the period in which these paintings were created. I also enjoyed how you went into analysing these artworks, to comment on the social classes and how women’s role in society is affected by the social status.

I found that when I first started to read this post, I was a bit lost on what you were going to be talking about. If you perhaps put some sort of question at the top of the post it will give the readers an idea of what the post is going to be about. Another thing is that I would’ve liked if you went further into your argument about the social class and how women’s role in society is affected by their social status, shown in these paintings. It is a big topic that could’ve had a really strong argument if you went into more depth. Another thing is to have the name of the paintings that you have used in your post, to let the readers know exactly which ones they are looking at.

Overall, it was a really great post.


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