Dear Louisa….

You are Sissy Jupe. In a short paragraph tell Louisa what it has been like living in a circus for most of your life. Tell her what you have enjoyed and what your relationships have been like with other people in the circus.

Dear Louisa,

Oh, how I wish that you can see the world from my eyes. You may think that living in a circus most of your life is quite bizarre, but let me tell you, it is far from it. For you see, it has allowed me to live a life full of excitement and adventure. It enables me to embrace the things that I do every day, and the creativity that I am able to come up with is amazing. One in a lifetime performance. For me, living in the circus was everything. And if it wasn’t for the lifestyle in which I had come from, I wouldn’t be the exact same person I would be today. It does not matter, whether you are living in poverty, or living in wealth. The only thing that matters in this world is the experiences, you face everyday. So what if one day turns out to be what you didn’t expect, thats the whole point of living life everyday to how it is. We need to expect the unexpected. Why try and plan out our life day by day, when you can just wake up in the morning and see where the day will take you. I encourage you to just for once, go and explore the world we live in.  You need to enjoy your life for how it is and not go and try and set everything out to the way you want it to be. You will not regret it.


Sissy Joupe


3 thoughts on “Dear Louisa….

  1. Jessica Welford says:

    Hi Josh,
    You capture the fancy and freedom that Sissy had as a member of the circus rather well in this letter. Your interpretation of Sissy Jupe had me thinking back to week three and to the poem, The Tables Turned by William Wordsworth, in particular, the line ‘Up! up! My Friend, and quit your books.’ Love the relevance to the unit as a whole.
    I would have put a comma straight after the first word ‘oh’ and also after ‘every day.’ Your sentence ‘Why try and plan out our life day by day, when you can just wake up in the morning and just see what the day will take you.’ I feel needs to be slightly reworded and I would change this sentence to say ‘see where the day will take you’ or ‘see what the day will give you.’
    Great work, looking forward to reading more of your work.

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