Evil Currency

Take the first line of any of the poems that we have looked at today and write your own poem based on the idea in the line you have chosen.

Line: Money just a means to our ends? (The Cool Green – Les Murray)

Do we consume money?

Or does money consume us?

Pennys, quarters, cents, dollars

tens, hundreds, thousands, millions.

Do we use it to survive?

Or do we rely on it for success?

From the years where we can afford things

and loans would be payed off in periods of time,

shorter than half of our lifetime.

To the years where it is near impossible

to be able to afford the ‘luxury’

in which we have taken for granted.

We thought that the ones we vote into our so called ‘democracy’

would help us with our finances,

but all we get is more and more taxes,

so they can end up richer than the rich

who have worked most of their lives

and have to pay less than the poor.




Corruption everywhere!

From the managers of small, retail businesses

to the ones who make the laws, in which we believe would benefit the nation as a whole.

Greed has consumed us more

like a thick, black, sickening poison

that has no effect on us physically…

But mentally.

We thought that we would learn

from the so called “great depression”

but with the way we are going, 

inflation is going to kill us.

Inflation is gonna be the reason why

mothers and fathers will lose their jobs

and cant give their children clothes for their backs

and a roof for their heads.

Again, things we take for granted.

So ladies and gentlemen,

I ask you this one question again;

Do we consume money?

or does money consume us?


2 thoughts on “Evil Currency

  1. anastasiamodderno says:

    Hi Joshua,

    This poem is amazing! I love the way you used contrast by asking if we consume money or if money consumes us. I believe that money consumes us and I also agree 100% with your view on corruption! It is everywhere and most people do not know it but it consumes us all without us realising. We are left with nothing as money takes it all away from us. This is a truly amazing and well-written poem and I can not wait to read more if you ever post another poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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