Prediction, Prediction, Prediction…

Question: with reference to Bernard O’Dowd “Australia”, what predictions does the poem have for our future. Have these predictions been realised?

Predictions. We all do it. Whether it is guessing the questions that are going to be in an exam or if we are going to finish lectures early or right on time. We use our ability to guess on the future through past experiences or in particular influences, but it also involves the individuals imagination..

Bernard O’Dawd’s Poem “Australia”, explores the poets predictions of the future path in which the country will be following. The poet as produced the main question as “What will we become?”, as in what will Australia become? Will it become a second England? With the vast Array of influences of the European culture, will we be able to avoid it and become a unique nation? Are we going to start fresh on the new land? Or are we subjected to continue with the lives that we already used to and begin civilising with the influences of industrialism and materialism?

As the poem itself is written in the Early 19th Century, the predictions have been well thought of. The poets use of rhetorical questions allows us viewers to reflect on the way Australia has grown into the civilisation in which we live in today and to make our own assumption whether we have heavily fallen under the European influence of industrialism or have we notable been excepted from materialism in some areas to allow Australia to be their own nation?

The question i will leave for my readers is this: have we heavily fallen under the influence of European values where we are classified as a second England, or are we our own nation with the materialistic values of the Motherland?


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