Peer Review #2

Hi Tamara,


You have expressed a really great idea with a strong example of indigenous writing which really backs up the main point you discussed in your first paragraph. I enjoyed how you’ve spoken about the point that each and everything on this earth has a main purpose and the functionality of one thing on this earth has a major impact on the rest of us as we rely on the tree for oxygen, food & shelter, which is indeed the three basic necessities for human life. The input of the rhetorical question does give us readers the ability to have a deep thought about the things we do take for granted & what would happen if one of the things we depend on doesn’t really exist. Overall it is a great read and it brings a powerful insight into the way we see things on this earth.


One thought on “Peer Review #2

  1. michaelgriffith1 says:

    This is a good, thoughtful peer review Joshua, but try to write shorter sentences: they are easier to manage (for you) and easier to read (for me)! Also, when possible make at least one suggestion about what might be improved in your peer’s blog. 🙂


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