Peer Review #1

As part of my assessment for Australian Literature, I am also required to peer review blog posts, done by other class mates. Here is the first one i have done, i will also add the link to the blog i commented on so your able to read it.

“Hi Brianna,

What an interesting blog post you have, i love the idea that you have written the first paragraph as a personal rant, regarding the question that you have given along with your personal comment, giving examples through “That Deadman Dance”.

To me, there may have needed a bit more evidence from the book, including how the ‘foreigners’ desiccated the land that was not rightfully their’s as a way to support your argument, but the fact that you have included your personal insight & understanding of the themes that are portrayed in the book, makes this post particularly interesting.

Overall it is a really great post and it was a really enjoyable piece to read.”

Now i know i have made a mistake on the original comment, but that was my fault for not proof-reading it before posting it haha


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