Purpose, Perspective & Connection

Question: Describe in a short paragraph the single most important insight or understanding that has come to you from your study of literature this week. If you can, say also, why your personal history has led you to this insight or understanding. Enjoy the challenge!

The idea for anything on earth to have a ‘purpose’ can depend on how we see the world in front of us. Whether it is from an “industrialised” individuals’ point of view, or an individual who loves and adores the natural surroundings of their current home, the purpose of everything allows us to connect with one another and also the Flora & Fauna that are part of their natural surroundings.

Australia itself has a vast array of unique Flora & Fauna that allows individuals to connect with their natural surroundings & the ideas of purpose, perspective & connection are accentuated through Kim Scott’s book, “That Deadman Dance”  as we are seen the different perspectives, that are conveyed from different individuals towards both the natural Flora & Fauna of Australia. Although as it is seen in a vast array of different perspectives, the book itself visualises the conventual destruction of Australia’s natural wildlife as we are faced with the vile mutilation of the world’s most harmless creatures all for profit and to be sent back to the motherland country while the workers are “caked in salt & whale blood”. To me, its a poor shame for these creatures to be vaguely massacred for the profit of money and the use of their resources and in some cases, ‘just for fun’ the desiccation of this land and the creatures that live in contains a dramatic dynamic shift between the different types of individuals that are occupying the land and in the eyes of someone who adores each and every mile of the country during the early stages of British colonisation could’ve been and still probably is offended with the fact that in the eyes of the ‘invaders’, everything that was grown from the soil of the land in which we live in today is being destroyed while others are seeing simoleons in their eyes.

As seen through an Indigenous eyes however, the visualisation of the an individual being mesmerised by their natural surroundings produces a positive outcome for the readers as their “….Body was not so resilient as his mind & spirit.” This allows us to perceive & witness the spiritual connection this particular individual is experiencing as he is connecting to the nature of his surroundings, constructing a positive vibe within the literal atmosphere of Australian literature.

As every element on Earth has a purpose, whether it is a living creature, or an ‘materialistic item’s a purpose, it allows us to have a vast array of connections towards other creations as each individuals connection towards natural creatures is vastly different due to their own perspectives of their natural surroundings.





3 thoughts on “Purpose, Perspective & Connection

  1. briannamwblog says:

    Hi Josh!
    I really enjoyed this blog entry although I would love to read more that included how your personal history influenced you to have this particular understanding. I enjoyed how you used the idea of ‘purpose’ is very subjective of the individuals beliefs. In relevance to this your last paragraph states that everything on earth has a purpose – which contradicts your point.
    Consider Kim Scott’s text to not be directly about the abuse of the animals and more about Bobby’s experience of the new culture vs indigenous culture. I understand though the disgust of massacring animals for money but maybe we should consider a new direction of thought. For example, instead of looking at the negatives the whites brought to the country, we could consider how their utilitarian aspects benefit human resources to keep us alive?
    Quite emotionally investing stuff.


  2. michaelgriffith1 says:

    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *“industrialised” individuals point of view= “industrialised” individual’s point of view- [‘s or s’ – Apostrophe- if there is a meaning of ownership ( the boy’s apple/ the boys’ apples) then you need an apostrophe. See http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/621/01/. But don’t use apostrophe s for normal plurals!!!]
    * the Flora & Fauna that are habitant to their natural surroundings.= the Flora & Fauna that are PART OF their natural surroundings.
    * has a vast array or unique Flora & Fauna= has a vast array OF unique Flora & Fauna [I hope this shows you that you need much more careful editing before posting Joshua. Some of these corrections could easily be made by you: take more care!!!]


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